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Kangal Dog

Kangal Dog Dog Breed South Africa

Breed: Kangal
Alphabetically: K
Country of Origin: Turkey
Color: Light Golden, Fawn Sable, Dun, Grey
Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Height: Female: 72–77 cm, Male: 77–86 cm
Weight: Female: 41–54 kg, Male: 50–66 kg
Litter Size: 5 - 10 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
The Turkish people claim: the Kangal Dog is an ancient flock-guarding breed, thought to be related to the early mastiff-type dogs depicted in Assyrian art.

The breed is named for the Kangal District of Sivas Province in central Turkey where it probably originated.

The Kangal Dog is a large, powerful, heavy-boned dog, whose size and proportions have developed naturally as a result of its continued use in Turkey as a guardian against predators.

The head is large and moderately wide with drop ears. A properly proportioned Kangal Dog is slightly longer (measured from prosternum to point of buttocks) than tall (measured from the withers to the ground), and length of the front leg (measured from point of elbow to the ground) should equal slightly more than one-half of the dog's height.

The tail, which is typically curled, completes the distinctive silhouette. The Kangal Dog has a double coat that is moderately short and quite dense.

The Kangal Dog has a black mask and black velvety ears which contrast with a whole-body color which may range from light dun to gray.

Temperament: Alert, Protective, Calm, Independent, Self-Controlled, Sensitive

Health Problems: N

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