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Field Spaniel

Field Spaniel Breed South Africa

Breed: Field Spaniel
Alphabetically: F
Country of Origin: England
Color: Black, Liver Roan, Blue Roan, Liver & Tan, Black & Tan, Liver
Life Expectancy: 10 – 13 years
Height: 43 – 46 cm (At the withers, Standard Size)
Weight: 16 – 20 kg
Litter Size: 5 - 8 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 112077
Originating in England in the 1800s, the Field Spaniel used to be considered the same breed as the English Cocker Spaniel.

The dog was used to flush and retrieve both fur and feather from land and water. In the 20th century it was decided that anything above 25 pounds would be considered a Field Spaniel and anything below would be an English Cocker Spaniel, and the two were officially separated into different breeds.

During the 1800s the Field Spaniel was being bred with a greatly exaggerated length and weight.

Almost a hundred years later in the 1920s, the standard returned to a moderate length and weight. The Field Spaniel is a medium-sized dog.

The skull is slightly wider in the back than it is in the front.

The muzzle is strong, long and lean, with a moderate, but well-defined stop.

The large nose is light brown to dark brown to black, depending on the coat color of the dog.

The teeth meet in a scissors or level bite. The medium-sized eyes are almond in shape, dark hazel to brown in color.

The medium-length ears are set slightly below the eyes, and wide, hanging close to the head with lots of feathering. The neck is strong and muscular. The tail is set low and is either docked or left natural.

Note: docking tails is illegal in most parts of Europe. Dewclaws are sometimes removed.

Temperament: Adaptable, Cautious, Docile, Familial, Sensitive, Sociable

Health Problems: Prone to hip dysplasia and ear infections.
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