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English Coonhound

English Coonhound Dog Breed South Africa

Breed: English Coonhound
Alphabetically: E
Country of Origin: England
Color: Redtick, Tri-color, Red & White, Bluetick, Lemon & White, Tri-color Ticked
Life Expectancy: 11-13 years
Height: Male: 56-69 cm, Female: 53-64 cm
Weight: Male: 18-30 kg, Female: 18-30 kg
Litter Size: 3-6 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
It has been said that the history of the English Coonhound is the history of all coonhounds. With the exception of the Plott Hound, most coonhounds can be traced back to the English Foxhound.

In 1905 the English Coonhound was first registered by UKC under the name of English Fox & Coonhound.

Back then they were used for fox hunting much more than they are today.

The name reflected the similarity that the breed had to the American Foxhound and the English foxhound. The coat of the English Coonhound is short and hard.

Coat colors include: blue and white ticked, red and white ticked, tricolored with ticking, red and white, and white and black.

Excessive red or black is a fault in the show ring. Its bark sounds like a hounds bawl.

The tail is medium length and set high. Pleasant, alert, confident and sociable with humans and dogs.

Temperament: Loyal, Energetic, Active, Intelligent, High-strung

Health Problems: N/A

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