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Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniel Breed South Africa

Breed: Brittany Spaniel
Alphabetically: B
Country of Origin: Brittany, France
Color: Orange & White, Roan, Liver & White, Tri-color, Black & White, Piebald
Life Expectancy: 13-15 years
Height: Male: 47-52 cm, Female: 46-51 cm
Weight: Male: 14-18 kg, Female: 14-18 kg
Litter Size: 2-12 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 112035
The Brittany Spaniel is used as a companion by many hunters in the USA and Canada, and in France this is a highly popular breed.

The Brittany is a hearty, vigorous, medium-sized, closely knit, leggy dog with a fairly short, lightly feathered single coat. He is very agile and active with an intelligent-looking face.

The eyes are amber or hazel, depending on the coat color. It has a rounded skull of medium-length with a straight or slightly ram-shaped muzzle, a pronounced stop, and a nose that is more or less dark depending on the color of its coat. The nose may not be black.

The ears are short, with high withers. The high-set ears are rather short in a triangular shape, slightly fringed and hanging close to the head.

The tail is either naturally short or docked to less than four inches (10 cm.).

All over the world the Brittany or Epagneul Breton accepts 5 colors (Orange & White, Liver & White, Black & White, Liver Tri-color, and Black Tricolor), in either a clear or roam pattern, with some ticking. The USA (AKC) & Canada (CKC) do not recognize Black, all other countries world wide do accept all colors and follow the FCI standard of the Breed.

Temperament: Adaptable, Agile, Quick, Happy, Attentive, Intelligent

Other Names: Brittany Wiegref, Epagneul Breton, French Brittany

Health Problems: Prone to hip dysplasia, seizures and breast cancer.
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