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American Bullnese

American Bullnese Breed South Africa

Breed: American Bullnese
Alphabetically: A
Country of Origin: United States
Color: Any colors are acceptable
Life Expectancy: 10 to 15 years
Height: Males 9.5-12 inches (23-31 cm)
Weight: Males 18-30 pounds (8.5-14 kg)
Litter Size: 4-8 puppies
Ad ID: 111988
Being a fan of short nosed dogs and the bull breeds, Robert E. Rice of Jacksonville, Florida, found himself admiring a few characteristics of several different breeds.

Unsatisfied with the current selection of any one of the existing breeds, Mr. Rice decided to establish a breed of dog that exhibited all the features he had admired in several of the other existing breeds.

The American Bullnese has proven to breed true for multiple generations over the last 20 years. The American Bullnese is a natural clown, known for its sense of humor and antics.

Their size and laidback demeanor make them perfect for country or city living. These are true companion dogs who prefer cuddling to playing ball - they make excellent lap warmers. Because of their long backs and short legs, exercise them a few short times a day rather than taking them on long hikes.

The American Bullnese was bred for its sunny temperament, but also its short nose and squat body.This means you might have a heavy-breathing pup who has trouble sleeping because of congestion.

Their long torsos and short legs may result in back trouble, which is why it is important not to overexercise them. However, they have a tendency to obesity, so they do require light daily exercise.

Temperament: The American Bullnese also possesses a unique, happy and clownish temperament, which is accompanied by a large head and chest with a thick upper body.
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