Standard Schnauzer

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Standard Schnauzer

Breed Fact

Country of Origin: Germany
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Height: Male: 47–50 cm, Female: 44–47 cm
Weight: Male: 14–20 kg, Female: 14–20 kg
Color: Black Pepper & Salt
Life Expectancy: 13 – 16 years
Temperament: Trainable, Good-natured, Devoted, Lively, Playful, Intelligent
Litter Size: 3 - 8 puppies
Health Problems: Some are prone to hip dysplasia and tumors.

Brief info: In Germany, the multipurpose Schnauzer was a ratter, a drovers dog, a carting dog, a stock tender and a guard.

The Standard Schnauzer is a medium-sized, squarely built dog. It looks like a smaller version of the Giant Schnauzer. The skull is moderately broad with a slight stop. The head is long and rectangular. The large nose and the lips are black. The teeth meet in a scissors bite.

The oval, medium sized eyes are dark brown. The ears are set high on the head and are either cropped or kept natural. When cropped they stand erect with a pointed tip. When left natural the ears are V-shaped, carried close to the head.

The back is straight, with the topline sloping slightly downward from the withers to the rump. The front legs are straight when viewed from all sides. The tail is set high and is usually docked 1-2 inches (2.5-10 cm.). The dewclaws may be removed. The small feet are compact with black nails. The double coat has a wiry, dense hard, outer coat with a soft undercoat. The hair stands slightly up off the back, with coarser, longer, bushy whiskers, beard and eyebrows. Coat colors come in solid black and salt and pepper.