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2 Durbanville women in crowbar ordeal while walking dogs

Local Pet News Durbanville

Posted Oct 10, 2019  
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Article by: IOL
Credit: Cape Times
Type: Local
A Durbanville woman has thanked a security firm for apprehending a suspect after she and her daughter were violently attacked by two men in the middle of the day while walking their two dogs on an open field.

It occurred on the same day an elderly man in his seventies was stabbed 22 times and hit seven times on the head with a hammer in front of his wife during a break-in at a Bellville home.

An iron bar was used to hit Claire Whitwam, 64, on the head and beat the hands of her daughter Brigette, 34, who was also stabbed in the chest, after the assailants struck at 2.30pm on Tuesday.

Subsequently, Brigette has had to see an orthopaedic surgeon over her hands, while Claire had to have a 7cm gash to her forehead stitched and needs to see a dentist over several broken teeth.

Police spokesperson Mihlali Majikela said: "A case of robbery with a weapon other than a firearm was opened for investigation following an attack on the complainant and her daughter on an open field next to Langeberg Road close to Morningstar.

"They were approached by two male suspects who demanded the complainant’s personal belongings. The complainant refused and then one of the suspects took out an iron bar and hit the complainant over the head and the complainant fell to the ground.

"A member of the community witnessed the commotion and phoned security, who then proceeded to pursue the suspects with the vehicle they were driving.

"One of the suspects was captured by ADT (actually HALT security) and was arrested by Durbanville police."

HALT security shared a message on its Facebook page on Wednesday which it said it had "received as a warning to everyone as well as a thank you", which was clearly sent by Claire.

"I would like to commend the guys from HALT who came to my daughter and my help when we were attacked while walking our dogs at 2.30 yesterday (Tuesday).

"We are thrilled that they chased down and caught one of the attackers who is in police custody. The attackers used an iron bar to hit me on the head and to break both of my daughter's hands.

"She was also stabbed in the breast. So proud of you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

"We are off to the orthopaedic surgeon for my daughter's hands, and I need to see the dentist for several broken teeth. I have a 7cm gash in my head that had to be stitched.

"They beat my dog with an iron bar and tried to stab the female, who is very nervous. We are all a bit traumatised but will live to fight another day.

"They stole my wedding band, a thin silver chain with a tiny silver cross on it, and my FIT watch. Again thank you to HALT for their fabulous support. Please be warned!"

Claire told Die Burger: "They first attacked one of the sheepdogs with a crowbar until it fell. I was then hit over the head with it and never saw it coming.

"My daughter was then attacked and she put up her hand for protection. It hit her in the face and the second blow broke three of her fingers. One of the men then said 'take out a knife that will scare them'.

"They repeatedly told us to give them our belongings. The second attacker then stabbed Brigette in the chest. She started bleeding profusely."

A case of assault of robbery and assault has been opened after Tuesday morning's Bellville house robbery, police confirmed. A 77-year-old man is still in an intensive-care unit but his wife came out of the ordeal unscathed, Die Burger reported.

Aside from jewellery, money, the man's ID card and a bank card, the robbers even left with the couple's chronic medication.

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