Man faces charge over dog in Calle Columbia

Man faces charge over dog in Calle Columbia
Man faces charge over dog

The owner of a pit bull that allegedly attacked a woman and her Yorkie has been charged with attack by dog.

According to Brownsville police, this is the second attack allegedly committed by the pit bull.

Juan Alberto Villarreal, 34, is charged with attack by dog, police said.

The incident occurred on May 29 at the 3200 block of Calle Columbia.

According to the victim, she was walking her pet Yorkie when the pit bull began to attack her dog. In an attempt to save her dog, she picked it up. The woman said the pit bull then bit her several times on her left arm.

The woman states she let go of her dog, which ended up in the resaca with the pit-bull. Emergency medical personnel were sent to the location where the woman was first treated for her injuries. She was then transported to a local hospital.

Animal control officers were called to the location and found the pit bull at a residence at the 1000 block of Champlain. The dog was seized, and witnesses identified the pit bull as the one that attacked the woman.

According to police, an investigation determined this was the second time the woman had experienced an encounter with the pit bull.

Authorities got a warrant for Villarreal and he turned himself over to Brownsville police Friday morning.

Under the Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 822.005 (1) (2) “a person commits an offense if the person is the owner of a dog and the person with criminal negligence fails to secure the dog and the dog makes an unprovoked attack on another person that occurs at a location other than the owner’s real property and or vehicle or boat.”

An offense under this section is a third-degree felony unless the attack causes death, in which event the offense is a second-degree felony.