Fox Terrier

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Fox Terrier

Breed Fact

Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Hypoallergenic: No
Height: Wire Hair Fox Terrier: 36 – 39 cm, Smooth Fox Terrier: 36 – 39 cm
Weight: Wire Hair Fox Terrier: 7 – 9.5 kg, Smooth Fox Terrier: 6.8 – 8.6 kg
Life Expectancy: Wire Hair Fox Terrier: 15 years, Smooth Fox Terrier: 12 – 15 years
Temperament: The Smooth Fox Terrier is a brave and bold terrier
Litter Size: 4 to 6 puppies
Health Problems: Deafness may be a problem in predominantly white dogs. Some minor concerns are post-nasal drip, lens luxation, distichiasis, cataracts, Legg-Perthes disease and shoulder dislocation. Prone to mast cell tumors.

When used for sporting pursuits the Wire Fox Terrier was known as the Rough-haired Terrier.

The Smooth Fox Terrier is a very elegant, smart and stylish little dog dressed in a short white coat with black or brown markings. The breed has a flat, tapering, narrow skull, and ears that fold forward making "V" shaped flaps. The tail is normally docked to 1/4 its length and stands on top of the dog rather than hanging out behind. The Fox Terrier is blessed with many weapons of attack such as strong jaws, well-developed teeth, eagerness, physical strength, and above all, courage. It is a well-built, elegant dog - concentrating a lot of strength in a little space. The eyes are dark, small, deep set and extremely lively. The neck is thick and muscular.