Dog tied to railway line in Daveyton saved from certain death

Dog tied to railway line in Daveyton saved from certain death

The SPCA named the dog Max.

What could have been a horrendous death for abandoned Max in Daveyton turned into a heroic story when a railway worker alerted the SPCA to the fact that the German shepherd-cross was tied to the railway line.

According to SPCA manager Vicky Finnemore, Athol Badenhorst, a train conductor, alerted the SPCA to the dog’s fate on May 16.

The dog was presumably tied to the railway line during the night before.

“Our field officer Ephraim Madam rushed out to the tethered animal and immediately released him from the track,” Finnemore said.

SPCA field officer Ephraim Madam with Max, a German Shepherd-cross which was tied to a railway line in Daveyton and rescued when a railway field officer contacted the SPCA.

“There is no doubt that someone had intentionally abandoned the neglected dog, hoping he would get hit by a train.”

Finnemore said the dog has scars, pressure sores, parasites and a broken spirit, which is all proof of a hard life.

But there is light at the end of the tunnel for Max, as the SPCA has named the dog.

“Max has already been to the vet for treatment of his skin and wounds,” Finnemore said.

“He wolfed down his first bowl of food and has warmed up to our staff, with kisses and tail wags.”

Finnemore reminded the community that animal abuse is a serious offence and must be reported.

If anyone has information about who is responsible for tying Max to the railway line, they should contact the SPCA on 011 894 2814.

Finnemore also urged the community to help the SPCA staff with their continued work to rescue animals in need.

“Help us continue our work by making a donation towards our vet bills, petrol and running costs,” she said.

Make a donation at the society on 3 Klein Street, Lakefield, or SMS ‘SPCA RESCUE” to 49040 (R15 an SMS).