Dog shot dead through driveway gate

Dog shot dead through driveway gate

Cape Town - A family pet was shot and killed on its owners property in Durbanville on Sunday.

Allan Perrins, Cape of Good Hope SPCA chief executive officer, said this was the third incident of its kind in three weeks. Raqual van Wyk, the owner of the dog, Zack, was devastated when her pet was shot.

She wrote on Facebook that Zack was running around, chasing pigeons, barking at the kids and being a normal 'dog' when the incident occurred.

My husband got up to tell him to settle down, and as he just sat back down we heard the most horrific painful cry from him, she wrote.

Van Wyks husband and parents soothed Zack while he drowned in his own blood, said Van Wyk.

Allan Perrins said an SPCA inspector had been assigned to investigate in collaboration with police. 'Forensic evidence was reportedly recovered by the Tygerberg Animal Hospital and handed over to the police.'

Forensic evidence was reportedly recovered by the Tygerberg Animal Hospital and handed over to the police.

Perrins said too many incidents involving pellet guns (air rifles) and handguns had been reported lately.

Just the night before a dog was rushed to us having been shot twice in the chest, and the week before a dog was shot in the face causing extensive damage to his jaw.

Perrins said the perpetrator in this case could be guilty of a number of crimes in terms of the Animal Protection Act.

It is an offence to discharge a weapon in a public place without good cause; it is also an offence to maliciously damage another persons property.

In this case, it would appear as though the dog was confined to the owners property and that the perpetrator shot the dog through the driveway gate.

If this was the case then the shooter can hardly claim self-defence or any other plausible reason to have shot the dog with intent to kill.

Perrins said that if found guilty the perpetrator could face a jail term or heavy fine. A group of local animal lovers posted a reward for anyone able to shed light on the incident.

The initial bounty of R500 has already doubled in less than 48 hours. The mail has gone viral.

We would suggest the shooter hand himself over to the police because it is only a matter of time before the police come knocking.

Police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Andre Traut confirmed a case of malicious damage to property and discharging of a firearm had been reported at Durbanville police station.