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Wetterhoun Breed South Africa

Breed: Wetterhoun
Alphabetically: W
Country of Origin: Netherlands
Color: Black, Roan, Liver & White, Black & White, Liver
Life Expectancy: 12 – 14 years
Height: 55 – 59 cm
Weight: 33 - 44 pounds (15 - 20 kg)
Litter Size: 4 - 8 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 112196
Wetterhoun is Dutch for "water dog." Developed by the efficient breeders of the Dutch province of Friesland at least 400 years ago, this rare breed is seldom seen outside its native land. It was most likely descended from the Old Water Dog, a breed that contributed to a number of modern-day spaniel types but is now extinct. The Wetterhoun was developed at the same time as the Stabyhoun.

The Wetterhoun specializes in locating and killing otters (the fisherman's competitors for fish). After otters became more manageable in the northern parts of the Netherlands, the breed was used to hunt small land mammals such as polecats, and to guard farms. The Wetterhoun is a rugged, well-built and effective gundog capable of flushing and retrieving on both land and water.

The coarse, thick, curly hair of the Wetterhoun covers the entire body except the head and legs, which have shorter hair.

The coat is oily and must not be wooly. Coat colors include: liver and white, black and white, solid liver or solid black.

The body is somewhat square in appearance. It has a large, strong head.

The eyes are prominent and alert. The chest is very broad, keeping the forelegs apart.

The hocks are closer to the ground than other water dogs. The feet are rounded and quite large, with pronounced, thick pads. The tail is tightly curled over its back when the dog is alert.

Temperament: Reserved, Quiet, Stubborn

Health Problems: N/A
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