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Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer Breed South Africa

Breed: Giant Schnauzer
Alphabetically: G
Country of Origin: Germany
Color: Black, Salt & Pepper
Life Expectancy: 11 – 15 years
Height: Female: 60–65 cm, Male: 65–70 cm
Weight: Female: 25–34 kg, Male: 27–48 kg
Litter Size: 6 - 11 puppies
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Ad ID: 112093
The Giant Schnauzer is a large, powerful, compact dog. It looks like a larger version of the Standard Schnauzer.

The dogs height is the same as the length, giving it a square look. The head is strong and rectangular in appearance. The muzzle is the same length as the top of the head. The stop is slight. The large nose is black. The lips are black, not overlapping. The teeth meet in a scissors bite. The oval eyes are medium-sized, deep-set and dark. The ears are set high on the head and are either cropped or kept natural. When cropped they stand erect with a pointed tip.

When left natural the ears are V-shaped, carried close to the head. The back is straight. The front legs are straight when viewed from all sides. The tail is set high and is usually docked to the second or third joint. Note: docking tails and cropping ears is illegal in most parts of Europe. Dewclaws are almost always removed from the back legs, and may be removed from the front if they are present.

The double coat has a wiry, dense hard, outer coat with a soft undercoat. The hair stands slightly up off the back, with coarser, longer, bushy whiskers, beard and eyebrows. Coat colors come in solid black and salt and pepper.

Temperament: Intelligent, Loyal, Strong Willed, Powerful, Kind, Dominant

Health Problems: Giants are more prone to cancer than most breeds, especially toe cancer which kills many Giants annually even if caught early. They are at increased risk of bloat. Epilepsy is all too common in this breed and hip dysplasia is rampant.
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