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German Wirehaired Pointer

German Wirehaired Pointer Dog Breed Information

Breed: German Wirehaired Pointer
Alphabetically: G
Country of Origin: Germany
Color: Roan, Liver, Black & White, Liver & White
Life Expectancy: 12 – 14 years
Height: Male: 61–68 cm, Female: 57–64 cm
Weight: Male: 27–32 kg, Female: 27–32 kg
Litter Size: 5 to 11 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
The German Wirehaired Pointer has a coarse, wiry, weather-resistant coat. It is about 2 inches long with a thick undercoat. The dogs coat is basically water-repellent and protects him from brambles. The beard, forehead hair and whiskers protect his face.

The neck is strong and slender and the chest is wide and deep. The lips are not pendent and the muzzle is long, wide and robust. The eyes are dark and transparent. It has a strong scissors bite.

The color is liver & white, spotted, roan or ticked. Sometimes an individual will be solid liver. The nose should be dark brown. The head and ears should be brown, sometimes with a white blaze. The pendent ears hang down limply beside the head. The tail is moderately docked.

Temperament: Affectionate, Loyal, Intelligent, Willful, Friendly, Active

Health Problems: Some lines are prone to hip dysplasia, ear infections, genetic eye disease and skin cancers.

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