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Czechoslovakian Wolfdog

Czechoslovakian Wolfdog Breed South Africa

Breed: Czechoslovakian Wolfdog
Alphabetically: C
Country of Origin: Czechoslovakia
Color: Silver-gray, Grey, Yellow-gray
Life Expectancy: 12-16 years
Height: Males at least 26 inches (65 cm) Females at least 24 inches (60 cm)
Weight: Male: 26 kg (Adult), Female: 20 kg (Adult)
Litter Size: 3-8 puppies
Hypoallergenic: No
Ad ID: 112058
In the year 1955, a biological experiment took place in Czechoslovakia. The crossing of a German Shepherd Dog with a Carpathian Wolf.

The breeds creator was a Czech, Mr. Hartl, followed by a Slovakian, Mr. Rosik. When Czechoslovakia split into two countries: Czech Republic and Slovakia the latter was granted the patronage.

The CWD is one of the national slovakian breeds. This is a relatively new breed of dog, which can boast neither hundreds of years of tradition nor the names of famous rulers or eminent personalities who bred it or owned it. Nevertheless, it attracts attention wherever it appears. Nobody doubts, not for a moment, that these dogs are of the most distinguished origin.

Their mother is Nature. It looks like a wolf. It is tall but light and strong. Its straight, thick hair is wolf-like gray with a typical white mask. It will size you up confidently, with its light eyes, set obliquely. It does not look at its owner; it knows exactly, at every moment, where its master is and what he is doing.

It pays attention, rather, to its surroundings it wants to have a good view. It can run 62 miles (100 kilometers) easily, has a great sense of direction, and reacts with lightning speed. No trail is too difficult for it to follow. No matter whether it is raining or freezing or whether it is day or night. There's nothing it could not manage if it wants to. 

Temperament: Lively, Quick, Courageous, Fearless, Active, Sociable

Health Problems: Generally a healthy, hardy breed. Prone to hip dysplasia.
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