Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog

Breed Fact

Country of Origin: Italy
Hypoallergenic: Yes
Height: Male: 58–62 cm, Female: 54–58 cm
Weight: Males 70 - 84 pounds (32 - 38 kg) Females 57 - 71 pounds (26 - 32 kg)
Color: Black, Silver-gray, Merle, Grey, Fawn, Light Fawn, Black & Brown
Life Expectancy: 12 – 15 years
Temperament: Vigilant, Determined, Patient, Intelligent
Litter Size: 5 - 11 puppies
Health Problems: Usually a very healthy breed.

The Bergamasco Sheepdog is best suited for seasonal to cold climates. Given its dense coat which provides protection from the elements of the climate, it is not uncommon to find the Bergamasco spending its nights sleeping outdoors. The Bergamasco Sheepdog would not do well in apartment living, rather a house with a yard to provide for daily exercise.

The Bergamasco coat once fully flocked requires very little care, except for occasional brushing and bathing.

The coast is forever changing, from the adorable, soft, fluffy, puppy coat to the beginning flocking stage which may start as early as 8-9 months to 1 year.

When the flocking starts, it lasts until the dog is approximately two years old.

From 2-3 years the coat is settling into a flocking pattern and will continue to grow throughout the dogs life.

The coat is made up of three types of hair: the undercoat, which is fine, dense and oily (not greasy) to the touch and forms a waterproof layer; the goat hair, which are long strands of harsh hair similar to the coat of a goat, and the woolly top coat, which is finer and softer to the touch.

The combination of the woolly hair mixed with the goat hair weave together to create the flock.

These flocks continue to grow throughout the dogs life, creating multi layers of flocks that magically appear before your eyes, eventually reaching the ground at about the age of 5 years.