American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog
American Eskimo Dog

Breed Fact

Country of Origin: Germany
Hypoallergenic: No
Height: 38 – 51 cm (Standard Size)
Weight: 8.2 – 16 kg (Standard Size
Color: White, Biscuit
Life Expectancy: 13 to 15 years
Temperament: Reserved, Protective, Alert, Friendly, Intelligent
Litter Size: 4 - 8 puppies
Health Problems: Prone to hip dysplasia and progressive retinal atrophy.

Also known as the Eskie, the American Eskimo Dog is a medium-sized, compact, and muscular dog breed descended from European Spitz-type dogs.

The Eskie, with its majestic white double coat, loves the outdoors and is perfect for someone who is looking for a dog to play and jog with in colder climates. The Eskie is primarily a companion dog, a devoted family member who thrives in the middle of family activities. He is cheerful, affectionate, sometimes rowdy, and very smart - so smart he's thought to be one of the most intelligent dog breeds.

He's an independent thinker, curious, with an uncanny ability to problem-solve. He excels in activities that require him to use his brain, such as obedience training, tricks, agility, conformation, and other dog sports. Interestingly, Eskies were once favorite circus performers. With his adorable looks and ability to learn quickly, the Eskie traveled about the United States in the late 19th century, stunning audiences with his amazing tricks.